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August 2nd, 2012

09:51 pm
My boyfriend and I have ALMOST completed our move! There's still a TON of boxes in the living room, but we at least now have a livable situation that can work for the time being. It took A LOOOOOOT of work to get here though, these past two weeks have been quite a trial!

Basically, I was completely unprepared for the experience. I have moved once before to a tiny shoebox of an apartment, but that was only for school and I still had my own room back home, with an expectation that I was coming back home after graduation. This time is FOR GOOD. I'm doing the FULL move out, and it's been a challenge. I piled my entire life on a moving truck and made the caravan down here with my entire family and my boyfriend.

When I got here… I didn't realize how much STUFF we had. SO MUCH STUFFFFF D8 Our apartment was quite chaotic for a while, and both of us had breakdowns over how to organize so much stuff. We also had a bunch of curves thrown at us:

-Corey's car was stolen the day after we moved in. XD BUT! His parents gave him a new car that is much, much better than his old one. X3 And not only that, the police FOUND the car right after, and it's getting donated to the Make a Wish foundation. XD

-We had our internet disappear for a couple days, RIGHT when I had to register for classes. But, there is a lovely Starbucks nearby and I registered there. Also, the Cox technician came by, and the problem was simple - the old tenant had scheduled to have their cable disconnected, and another technician had done that without realizing that there was a NEW paying tenant - me!

-Then there was the thing we call the Demon Couch. We finally got to the point where we could get a living room set up, so it was off to IKEA for an entertainment center and living room furniture. We found the perfect couch, the Solsta - http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70087108/ - it was comfy and just the right size. However… from the moment I saw the gigantic box my heart sank. I'm going to have to… ASSEMBLE this thing? (All the while my brain is screaming IT'S FROM IKEA YOU DOLT, YOU ASSEMBLE EVERYTHING XD)

So, while my sweetie is at work, I decide to try to BUILD ALL THE THINGS before he gets home. And… I'm stuck at Step 2 of the couch. For TWO HOURS. All because the stupid hole for the screw would not line up with the wooden hole in the couch. >.< Then Corey gets home from work and tries it for another hour and a half before we start cursing the damn thing. BUT!!! My family comes over the next day, and thanks to my brother's ingenuity we finally have a couch! AND an entertainment center! OMFG!

So FINALLY things are calming down now, and life is looking up. I may have a new job in the works, and I've registered for all my classes - Mathematical Linguistics, Computational Corpus Linguistics, Fundamentals of Linguistics, and Syntax - so I'm looking forward to my first semester of grad school. I found two new things that are going to save my life; The Container Store (made of sheer awesome!) and a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where I can do awesome writing things. XD

Plus, I'm glad Corey and I went through the trial of the first two weeks. It really showed us our strengths as a couple, that even though we may be stressed and at our limit we can still find solutions and love each other. Each of us has put a big effort into making this apartment our home, and we've really worked well together. I finally live with my sweetie for the first time ever, and I'm so glad I do. We keep each other sane. XD
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March 23rd, 2012

10:26 pm
Sadly, Epic Pony War isn't going to happen. The composition of my group in Game Programming class changed, and wasn't as supportive of the idea. Instead, we're doing a game with a running catapult/tank thing that shoots at enemies above it. Ah well, it will still be fun. X3

Besides, it's a class, it wouldn't have turned out that good anyway in two months. XD I'd much rather work on my OWN game stuff on my own time instead of fan works. (That, and I'm actually not a fan of post-apocalyptic scenarios, surprisingly enough. XD ) It was just more of a funny concept for a class project, but yeah, oh well.

My other stuff is coming along okay. No needlefelting this month sadly, but I have been learning a lot of things from the sewing class and the web programming class. And my tabletop RPG is slowly but surely moving along. I just need a frigging system for it! That's been the hard part. XD
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March 16th, 2012

12:24 am
Duuuuuuuude... EPIC PONY WAR FTW! 8D

Okay, so I'm taking a Game Programming class, and we're finally coming up to the point where we start our semester game project. My group met last week, but unfortunately my teammates bailed on me this week, even though stage 1 stuff is due next Thursday.


I'm doing a Contra game with future Twilight Sparkle (I'm calling her Solid Twilight X3), robot ponies, and Trixie as the main villain. I have no idea how it will go, and it will be terrible (since this game will be completed in about 2 months ;;;;^_^) but it will be AWESOME. XD

Any ideas will be appreciated from you all! XD
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January 1st, 2012

01:26 pm
I actually use my "New Years Resolutions" as my plan for the stuff I actually want to get done this year. So, here are my goals for the year!

1.) GET INTO GRAD SCHOOL! I need to apply and finish up the rest of the application materials, such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, and financial aid.

2.) Get my tabletop RPG to a play-testable state. Doesn't have to be polished or finished, just play-testable.

3.) Prepare for moving out. If I'm going off to grad school, I should be prepared to move out, save up some money, and figure out the logistics of supporting myself.

4.) As always, read more books / play more games / watch more anime and movies. For the same reason - I need to expose myself to more story and more references.

5.) Finish the needlefelts started last year, such as the deer, the fox, and the super secret project. XD

6.) Start sewing more, and try out the knitting looms that I got for Christmas.

7.) Catch up more on linguistics research, and create my own linguistic projects (like creating some constructed languages for people, name generators for RPGs, stuff like that)

8.) LEARN PYTHON. Holy crap I need to get started on that!

As you can see, next year is going to be BIG. I'm hoping to move forward on a lot of stuff. However, unfortunately I don't see myself needlefelting much next year, other than getting the previous projects finished. My creative inspiration now has been more towards getting this RPG done, because it's the one project that keeps nagging at me when I'm sitting quietly and thinking about stuff.

Anyway, I hope YOUR 2012 is a big and awesome year for you all too! X3
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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December 30th, 2011

07:06 pm
I've been spending the past couple weeks on a break mostly. I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, and I'm happy for the new books from my sweetie, the new sewing machine and digital camera from the family. I'm spending the rest of this year with my sweetheart. We get to celebrate New Years together! YAY! X3

Since New Years eve is coming up, I want to look at my goals for last year and see how I did! XD

1.) Needlfelt more!

This was actually the most successful one! This year I've really kept myself growing and trying new things! I'm really glad that I've done a critter with spots and a critter with wings. Tiny, decorative wings, but at least I'm learning the basic shape.

2.) Be exposed to more story. (I.E, play more games, watch more anime, read more books)

This one was somewhat done. I can't think of any novels or anime series I finished this year, but I do have plenty to try. Netflix has been a great source of movies for me, and while I've mostly watched old MST3K episodes, I have been catching a few movies and shows, like the Korean drama Jumong (which I should finish at some point! XD) I have read a good amount of non-fiction this year though. My favorite by far was In the Land of Invented Languages. XD

I have been playing Sengoku Basara with friends and I have everything unlocked (well, except for some of the second branches of story modes) which is a big achievement for me. I also tried Magic the Gathering this year, and got my brother obsessed with it. This at least gives me a little more game experience to help design my own.

3.) Work on my RPG ideas

While nothing is anywhere NEAR playable yet, I have been pretty good about setting time aside to work on stuff, even during crazy times. I set a good pattern for myself in the latter half of the year by going to a coffee shop (mostly) weekly specifically to work on game ideas. I now have the basic structure of the world made out, the races pretty much defined, and some semblance of a magic system. I just need to figure out the full history and the game mechanics. And oh yeah… THE MAIN CONFLICT. XD Since this is an East Asian inspired fantasy world, I really devoted this year to diving into East Asian folklore and history for inspiration. It's paid off quite a bit, and hopefully I can develop something cohesive.


Guuuuuuuh… did not work out at all. I was planning to flesh out my other novel ideas, but other projects just took precedence. November was a crazy month with not only school stuff but also prep for grad school, so NaNoWriMo did not take off at all. However, while I don't have a novel, I do have a ton of notes with background info for the RPG fantasy world I'm designing. I don't think even those total 50K though. XD


Yep! Been there, done that. Also, after some frantic scrambling these past three months, I should finally have my personal statement done, meaning that I can FINALLY apply soon.

No new art updates, since I'm out of town and I'm going to be spending this weekend on break. I should start needlefelting again next month though hopefully. January will be busy with me scrambling to get all the materials necessary for grad school applications. That, and I FINALLY want to make my blanket with sleeves for myself! XD
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November 3rd, 2011

11:32 pm
Every year I attempt NaNoWriMo, and I have never ever won but I'm happy that I get more writing done at this time than I do all year. Last year I got to over 10,000 words for that story, and even though that's really far from 50,000 words, it's still more than I had ever written before and it makes me happy.

THIS YEAR however… uuuuuuugh I am encountering the most mental resistance I have ever had in years past. I usually have to encounter a ton of mental resistance to writing, but this year it's been TOUGH. Usually the first day I can at least meet the 1,667 daily word count. This year though, I'm still only at about 500 words and I'm ready to pull my hair out. >.<

I think the reason is that my story idea isn't really a story idea per say. It's really more of a functional thing. See, I really want to develop this fantasy setting for my RPG, and I came up with the idea of having this historian character travel through each of the countries, and discover the history of the setting. I did spent some effort trying to chart a course and came up with a few interesting people he could join up with. It's a cool idea, but the problem is that I'm just not attached to this character. There isn't much of a story there that I want to write, it's really just an excuse to develop the world more. And my brain, being what it is, understands this trickery and balks at it ferociously.

Honestly, what I REALLY should've done is just dedicate November to at least attempting to write the damn RPG book in the first place. But NOOOOOOOOO… this is National NOVEL Writing Month, and I have to do a novel. The thing is though, I HAVE wanted to do a novel in that setting, and in fact I did attempt it in a NaNo past. That was the idea that got to about 4,000 words, and I still like that other idea. I've thought about doing that other idea again, but a lot of people say that's not a good idea, so I didn't.

The OTHER problem I'm having is that every time I want to write, all I can think about are all the OTHER projects I should be doing. I have an essay take-home test due for my history class the following Monday. Later this month I'll have to do an article summary for my Linguistics class. I want to get my personal statement for my grad school application done, which I was hoping would get done LAST month. I'm still working on macros, and I feel guilty about spending so much time away from needlefelting. Plus, there's another new shiny - my school is having an Arts and Crafts fair thing and a part of me really wants to participate with my felties. And I also have a Pathfinder campaign I want to work on too, though I was going to do that more in December anyway.

I was REALLY hoping to get stuff done in October, and while I did do some things and make progress, nothing is really finished and it makes me frustrated. I've told people I wanted to do NaNo and make time for it, but I'm not sure anymore. BUT, I feel like I'm missing out on a great chance if I don't do it, because I feel so disappointed with where I am in life right now, and I feel like the only way to make it up is to finish that RPG idea that won't leave. XD
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April 19th, 2011

09:25 pm
YAAAAAAAAAAAAY I'm on my spring break finally! XD I just finished up with my days at work and now I get to have fun and chill with my dearest sweetheart. X3 YAY!

Irnonically enough, I actually get MORE work done when my sweetie is around because I'm not distracted by IM chat. XD I plan to work on feltsies during the break, and play more vidja games. (Persona 4 is turning out AWESOME so far!)

Also, I officially take my GRE in July. Gulp, time to study study study... ;;^_^
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January 30th, 2011

01:27 am


See, most people take the easy route and get their wool for needlefelting as wool roving at the store. Well, while I do that too sometimes, I do things very differently than most. XD See, a while back my mom introduced me to this site called Over the Rainbow, and the lady who runs it has a farm with a small herd of alpaca. Around May every year she shears her alpaca, and sells the wool in huge bags for really cheap.

The catch is however that this is very raw wool, it was just sheared off the alpaca and placed into a bag. This means that when I get it, I have to clean it and prepare it myself. So, a good portion of my time during the year is spent cleaning wool from these huge bags, and this was some that I just finished today that I've been meaning to get around to for the past year or so. By the way, this is just 3/4 of the bag! XD I finished it all today, and a while back I did the other 1/4 of the bag.

Yep, it's a lot of hard work, ESPECIALLY with the white wool, because after I clean that I have to sit around picking out the bits of debris that didn't wash off. (It's relaxing though, I often put on a Mythbusters marathon and watch that while I clean it!) The grey wool, however, isn't as bad. After this dries, I'm pretty much nearly done with it, I still check for debris but it's good to go. It's SO worth it though, to have SO MUCH of it to work with! Needlefelting only uses a TINY bit of it. Plus, it's hella cheap for me too. X3

I've developed quite a system with it now. See, the lovely thing about alpaca wool is that you don't have to worry about lanolin, or wool grease. With sheep wool, you have to sit it in hot water first to get the lanolin off. With alpaca though, I just wash it in the tub and clean it with shampoo I have left over. (I go through conditioner faster than shampoo, so when I run out of conditioner I just set aside the leftover shampoo and use it for wool cleaning! XD) This has just been the way I've developed over the years, if someone has a better way PLEASE let me know!

I don't really "card" my wool after it's cleaned. Carding is the process of taking the fibers and straightening them, and you can either use a carding drum or a carding brush. The brush and the drum both have metal bristles that are like a dog slicker brush. In fact, I keep a dog slicker brush around for when I do want the fibers straightened this way. I've thought of getting a carding drum, but they are really expensive. Plus, I kind of like the wool in it's uncarded state, it has a lovely texture for making fur on critters.
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January 24th, 2011

06:22 pm - Writer's Block: Circle the date
What's your favorite holiday, and why? Are there any holidays you dislike?

Mine is probably a popular answer, but Christmas. X3 There's always a magic about Christmas that seems to come right when it's needed. It makes me feel good about the next year, and always ends the previous one on a happy note. I love spending time with family, and giving gifts to people I love. X3 We also have the awesome tradition of having finger foods on Christmas Eve, and I really look forward to that.

I really love holidays in general. If there's an excuse to celebrate, why not? It's what makes life fun! I've enjoyed Valentine's Day even when I was single (excuse for candy! XD) I like Easter, and my birthday (as well as other people's) is always awesome. I love finding that really special gift for people, and I'm overjoyed when I receive gifts.

The only holiday that's kinda "meh" for me is Thanksgiving, and it has to do with the fact that I don't like traditional Thanksgiving food all that much. Turkey isn't my favorite, none of the side dishes are that great to me, and I'm not even a big fan of pumpkin pie. :/ I'd rather have a chicken and some kind of cake or something. XD Even then though, I do like spending time with the family. X3
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January 1st, 2011

03:21 pm
Well, 2011 has finally arrived! YAY HAPPY NEW YEAR X3

These are going to be my resolutions for the new year, and my plans for how I'm going to spend the year.

1.) Needlefelt more! I need to improve and get farther along on my project sheet (i.e, maybe a critter with wings? X3)

2.) Be exposed to more story. As in, play more video games/read more books/watch more movies and anime. Why is this on here? Because I not only need to get through my books, but I also plan to write. I need to be exposed to more plots to understand story better. Not only that, but all this programming stuff is inspiring me to possibly create a game someday, and I need to play more games in order to understand different game structures and how it works.

3.) Work on my RPG ideas, hopefully to be able to test them in either 2012 or the end of this year.

4.) Write 50K SOMEHOW. Either by finishing the novel I started in November 2010 or doing a new NaNo this year. Perhaps both. XD

5.) TAKE THE GRE THIS YEAR. If I'm going to apply for Fall 2012, I should probably have the GRE done during the summer. Gulp. XD
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