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December 31st, 2010

02:43 am
So, here goes the last day of 2010.


I wanted to do retrospective on the year, and yeah, this was a pretty tough year and I'm really glad to start anew. The more I think about it, the first half of the year wasn't so bad. I had my internship going and my classes, and I was actually doing okay. It was when summer started that issues were starting to come out of the woodwork everywhere. I went to my first furry con and that was fun, but after that things started to go kinda downhill. Money got tighter, my internship ended much sooner than I was expecting, and I was frustrated with where I was in life. Thankfully the year bottomed out with a new job and a good source of income. This last week in particular was a lot of fun, and I'm glad that the year will be ending on a happier note.

Also, I've been with my boyfriend for two years now, which is quite an achievement. X3 We had a couple of rough spots this year, but we've strengthened from them. Our relationship is very stable, steady, and doing quite well. X3

Let's look at my goals for this year and see what happened:

Start selling on eBay - Tried, but honestly not that hard. I did sell one piece on Etsy though. X3

Needlefelt more pieces - Most successful goal of the year actually. I did make needle felted projects pretty consistently throughout the year, and I feel that I have improved. Yay!

Take commissions - Well... still working this one out. I've offered and I'm willing to do them. X3 I've done art trades though!

Develop my RPG enough so that playtesting can begin next year - HAHAHAHA no. XD BUT at least I now have a big shiny notebook devoted to it that I've filled with some concepts. And I have ANOTHER idea I want to work on too. Yay...?

Practice more Japanese - 日本語をあまり練習しませんでした。>.<

Finish novel started in (2009) NaNoWriMo - Eh, that idea I kinda abandoned. XD The one that I did for this year, 2010, went over 10,000 words, and that actually made me kinda happy. I could work on it more... XD

Practice for GRE - Okay, this one I didn't do for a reason, simply because I realized that I needed another year of preparation before grad school (now I'm shooting for Fall 2012 for grad school). Yeah yeah, I could've taken it this year... but I think after taking a math class in the summer this year I'll be better prepared. Or... considering application dates... maybe in the spring? I'll have to think about this. Either way though, yeah, this is the GRE year for me.
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December 27th, 2010

10:02 pm
So folks, I hope your holidays were happy, whatever you celebrate! X3

Mine were AWESOME, and will continue to be EPICALLY AWESOME because in spite of my barest expectations, my sweetie is going to be here A WHOLE WEEK. YAY! Then it's back to work. XD BUT, for now I get to relax and be happy! X3

Christmas was AMAZING! I had my sweetie, which was honestly what I really wanted for Christmas! (There was a chance he wasn't going to be here due to work BUT it all worked out.) NOT ONLY THAT, I got treated to EPIC Christmas gifts.

I now have:

-Epic gift cards INCLUDING a couple Barnes and Noble cards, which let me get some cool books
-Natural Languange Processing with Python book (YAY I CAN DO SOME COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS! Hopefully. XD)
-Two books on Vietnamese mythology, which will help with my big idea X3
-Forest Tales book (YAY CHAKITTIES X3)
-Nice sweater and belt
-ADORABLE fox hat X3


-OMG A PlayStation 3!!!!! With Final Fantasy 13 to boot. YAAAAAAAAAAAY PS3! I can play games and Blue-Ray disks, AND files from my computer! 8D I'm planning on getting NetFlix soon so that I can have that too! 83 (I'm about a couple hours into FF13 so far and... I actually like it. It's nice to be back in familiar Final Fantasy territory again. X3 I will say the story is a little clumsy so far, but I'm giving it a chance since I'm only 2 hours in. XD)

After Christmas we hit the sales, and I ended up getting Valkyria Chronicles AND Armored Core For Answer! X3

Today my boyfriend and I went to see Tron, which was A LOT of fun. Totally amazing movie, and the 3D was done very well. X3
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Judy Garland - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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November 30th, 2010

11:33 pm
So, my official wordcount for my NaNoWriMo project is 10,312 words. Still more than last year though, and absolutely the most I've ever written of any project. I do plan on trying to work this over, and ultimately the outline really helped. X3

I'm glad this month is over though, and things are really looking up for me. X3 I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with my sweetheart that really lifted my spirits! We went to see Megamind, which was awesomely fun and such a creative subversion of all the superhero stereotypes that everyone's used to. X3 I'm so grateful for all the help that I've gotten from my boyfriend and my family this month, and I made it through financially.

Work is going well, and I finally got my first full month's paycheck. I'm not out of the water yet, but I am finally starting to get ahead. My community college enrollment fees are taken care of this semester too thanks to some financial aid, which I am EXTREMELY grateful for. X3

I just registered for my classes next semester, and I'm taking the next programming class, a class on computer networking, and a meditation class. The meditation class in particular I'm grateful for, because I really need to find some more balance in my life. I hope it works out well.

The next month is going to be devoted to my Christmas projects, my art trade, and getting ready for the holidays. I'm still really looking forward to Christmas this year!
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November 15th, 2010

12:09 am
Well folks, I've gotten through a pretty depressing week to a nice three day weekend that really helped me relax. This week it was mostly stress over homework and my job. But, the homework's done at least, and the job, I hope, goes more smoothly this week.

And yes, I have actually been working on my NaNoWriMo project.

The Good News: I'm currently at 7, 641 words, which was more than last years attempt. X3

The Bad News: I should be at 25,000 words by now for NaNo. ;;;^_^

I'm finding that an outline is working wonders though. Sure I'm deviating from it a little bit, but at least I have a place I can point to when I get totally lost, which happens very, very often. It's great knowing the next point I have to take the story towards, which is good.

Plus, I really like my story concept a lot. XD The main character is a cat girl living in a typical modern furry world, but she feels that deep inside she has the soul of a human. Except that in this world, humans are considered imaginary creatures of myth, fairy tales, and cartoon characters on cereal boxes. X3

I'm highly doubtful by this point that I can actually get to 50k, but I'm actually not going to give up this time, I really want to try. Even if I get to just 10k, that's more than I've ever written on a single project before. Hell, I'm even of thinking of reaching 50K outside of November. After all, my little stat counter says at the rate I'm going, I could get there in February. I could do that.
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November 1st, 2010

10:28 pm
Yes folks, I did decide to attempt NaNoWriMo again this year. Even if I don't win, my minimum is still to write more than the previous attempt. I think I actually may have a chance this year though! I look at my schedule and see lots of lovely breaks in between where I can hopefully pad the word count. Like today, I have over 700 words so far already, and I hope to increase it more later tonight. X3 I'm really happy for this idea that I have so far, I find it really interesting even though it's totally a different kind of story than the ones I've been doing in the past.

I also had an awesome weekend! This is actually the first time in a while that I got to really do something for Halloween - kinda. XD I didn't dress in costume, but my sweetheart came down to visit me and we got to hang out and have fun. It was a wonderfully happy weekend at a time when I really NEEDED a wonderfully happy weekend. My boyfriend and I got to go see Legend of the Guardians, which was the kind of movie I needed to go see - really happy and quite well done. X3 Very traditional style plot, but it's a well told story and the owls were done beautifully. If they can make a story about talking owls THIS epic, then there's hope for my own ideas someday. XD

Anyway, back to the writing cave! I'm going to be working mostly on NaNo this month, so other projects will be slow, but I'll fit in my other art trade too. X3
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Current Music: Break of Reality

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October 23rd, 2010

03:51 pm
So folks, I'm debating HARD.

I really want to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. It seems like this year would be the year to do it, since next month will be the least busy of all my Novembers thus far. It's busy, but not INSANE like some of the months at UCSB were. Plus, it will hopefully keep me staying home at a time when I don't have much money to be going out and doing things.

Also, I've decided to try planning this one out. Last year I did the recommended "seat of your pants" style, and I only got to about 4,000 words before it petered out and died. I was going to see if maybe planning out the story in my head, doing character sheets, and making an outline out of notecards (to be able to shift things around) might help me. I have some notes and notecards made up, and so far this is one of the few stories where I have a good general idea of what's going to happen, and maybe even how it will end.

But... here's the 'debating' part. See, I've got an art trade I need to start (Zeki), an art trade that's almost done (Sephrynkitteh), and a couple Christmas presents I want to work on. Next month I was originally thinking of starting on some Christmas ornaments for sale, before I realized that NaNoWriMo was coming up. If I devote my time to NaNo, I could finish my art trades and the Christmas presents, but not do any ornaments.

I've been feeling particularly discouraged this year, and I was kinda hoping that maybe attempting a NaNovel and completing it may help salvage a less-than-stellar year for me. But, like I said, I just feel really discouraged in general. >.< Plus, I don't know if I would be missing out on a opportunity to make stuff for Etsy.
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October 8th, 2010

09:46 pm
Well, I'm now settling into the usual October routine of studying for classes and being busy.

Except for one new thing, I have a job now! X3

I work at a college bookstore part time, and so far things have been interesting. It's been a little weird getting used to a different cash register, but I hope I'm getting the hang of it... ;;;;^_^ Things are slow now obviously since classes have started, which gives me a nice introduction to the cash register, but there's so many complicated transactions that I've never done before! The most complicated I ever dealt with at Hallmark was when one person wanted to pay part with cash and part with a credit card. XD But at the bookstore, OMG... checks go through an extremely thorough process, and people can pay with all kinds of stuff, from purchase orders from businesses to VA Reciepts to all kinds of stuff. It's going to get more hectic as time goes on, but I'll be ready for it. X3

I'm also helping update the procedure manual for teaching new employees; since I'm new, it's easier for me to pick out the stuff that would be complicated to a newer person. It sounds like I'm going to be given more responsibility as time goes on. I actually really like that, because it will be really great to pad out my resume and it keeps things varied and interesting. Overall, I like my job so far, and even though I'm nervous I know it'll become familiar to me after a while.

The only bummer is that because of the way the pay schedule works, I'm only going to have one week's worth of pay next month for the entire month, and this is at a time when I am pretty desperate for cash. I know that by December things will be okay...ish, but getting through the next two months is going to be tough....

Which reminds me! I'm open for needlefelting commissions! XD I would be so grateful if anyone could help me out here.

And check out my Etsy too! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SculptingWithFuzz
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September 12th, 2010

01:54 am
Sept 10 was my birthday! I still feel somewhat ambivalent about being 25, but I'm definitely feeling better about it. X3

My birthday has been pretty awesome. The highlights:

-I get to spend time with my boyfriend, he's been spoiling me! <3333

-I finally got the new bed sheet set that I wanted badly too, which completes my room change, yay!

-I finally found a book I wanted for a while, Dragon in Chains by Daniel Fox. Yay for Asian inspired fantasy worlds! Hopefully it will help with my own. X3

I'm still spending time with my sweetie, which means my weekend will continue to be more awesone! X3
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September 3rd, 2010

01:49 am
So, I'm two weeks into my new semester at Hancock. It feels extremely weird to go back, since before I went off to get my BA this was my primary school, I went there for high school classes and the classes I needed to transfer. I never thought I'd be back here again after all this time, and yet here I am. I get a little sad walking through the student center sometimes, since I used to meet friends there and now I don't really know anyone. However, the nice thing is that Hancock has gotten some new buildings since I was gone, so it doesn't feel exactly as it did before.

I really enjoy my classes though. I'm taking a Beginning Programming class and an Object Oriented Programming class, and I really like them both. The instructor is really nice and a lot of fun. X3 Most people's jaws drop when I say I'm taking these two in one semester, because one is the absolute beginning of the programming sequence, and the other is a very late class. I'm taking both because I had that Java class last semester, so I have /some/ programming experience, but I never formally took an Intro to Programming class - I only got five weeks of an intro in an Intro to Computer Science class. That, and that class is a prerequisite for other classes I want to take. I'm hoping that the beginning class will help fill gaps in my knowledge, and it's working for that. The Object Oriented Programming class is challenging since I've never worked with C++ before, but it's good for me and I feel like I'm doing okay. C++ is similar enough to Java that I slid right into it, and now that I've FINALLY gotten my textbook I feel like I can learn enough to get through it!

In other news, I may not be getting money from my internship anymore. I'll still be doing it, since I need the experience, but I'm moving to the unpaid portion faster than I thought. The grad student I worked with has decided not to use the data I was working on for his dissertation, so unfortunately I'm going to be running out of things to do. I can still get a check for this month, but I'm already financially strapped. I was planning on getting another job anyway, but this puts more pressure on the search.

But, even though this is stressing me out, for the most part my classes and things help to balance this out. Plus, my birthday is coming up next week, and I'm looking forward to that! X3 I get to see my sweetie after all! <3
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August 18th, 2010

11:50 pm
So, school is starting next week, hooray! I like it when summer ends honestly, it's the hardest time of year for me. Don't really know why, I'm usually just gasping to get through the summer. But yeah, I'm hoping to be busy with needlefelting projects, and I'm hoping that I get more tutoring as the semester goes on.

But yeah, last week I finally decided to get Campbell's dwarf hamsters. There's two other species I had to choose from, the Roborovskii's dwarf hamster and the Winter White. (Well, there's the Chinese dwarf hamster too, but you can't get them in California sadly. I swear, I almost want to move out of state just so that I can have all those cute different pets!) I decided on the Campbell's because, well, they seemed to be a little easier to handle then the Roborovskii's, and I'm not gonna lie, I like the colors they have. XD

Anyway, on Friday I took home my dwarf hamsters from PetsMart and they're adorable! I ended up getting three little girls, and they are Lily (the white hamster), Jackie (the black hamster) and Aydry (the grey hamster). I love my little fuzzy babies! They're a little bit more challenging to hold, since they're not real fond of being picked up yet, but they're so cute and fun to watch running around at night. XD

Here's a pic of all my little hamsters:

This has a better view of Aydry:
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