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Philosophical Musings and Other Choosings

Kyuubi no Kitsune
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Hello there all! I'm a girl into foxes of all kinds (especially kitsune), crafts, role-playing, anime and very occasionally video games. I love to read, mostly Sci-fi and fantasy but I will pick up random nonfiction books as well. I also love languages, and I'm really into linguistics. I'm working towards grad school now, I'm really getting interested in Computational Linguistics. I have a major creative streak and I try to satisfy it in many mediums, from writing and drawing to painting and textile art. I am for the most part a very optimistic and happy person, although I do have the occasional wangsty moment. I chose the name kyubikitsune a few years ago because of my love for kitsune and Japanese culture. I count among my friends all manner of strange and loveable people, as well as quirky and sweet animals. I'm extremely open-minded (but not so much that my brains fall out XD) and I love the diversity of genders and species that exist in this world. Welcome, I hope you enjoy my little blog, feel free to leave comments! X3